American Classic Rides’ services are provided in a systematic and coordinated process for identifying, inspecting, purchasing, and repairing or restoring classic cars. While you can pick-and-choose any of the services provided by ACR. You can also follow the entire ACR Process through the entire classic car experience.

ACR has a comprehensive system of grading, rating, and valuing vehicles at every step of the process, from acquisition to delivery. We utilize the same process for vehicles in the ACR Collection as well as for clients utilizing our car locating and custom build services.


ACR is constantly searching for vehicles to add to the collection. We can help you define and find what you want at the right price. We’ll talk you through what you should expect to pay, what’s out there, what’s right for you, and how to make it yours.

Our services include helping to define and then locating your dream car, inspecting it, arranging for transport, and bringing it back to the shop for service and a checkup before delivery to you. Advertisements can make any automobile look like show winners – we’ve been around long enough to know what makes a great car. We remove the hassle and the headache of your buying and driving experience. save the hassle.


ACR is equipped to handle minor auto repairs and maintenance for our customers.  Services we specialize in:

  • Oil changes
  • Oil, air and fuel filter changes
  • Spark plug changes
  • Engine tune-up
  • Power steering, brake, transmission and radiator fluid changes
  • Lubrication of heavy-duty drive shaft components

ACR partners with 3rd party organization for major restorations and repairs.  We can offer suggestions on who to put in care of your bigger, involved classic car projects.


ACR can provide quality interior and exterior detailing services. Our professionals specialize in detailing classic vehicles & motorcycles. Being a locally owned and operated company allows us to offer custom packages based around your needs, as well as, competitive prices.

The ACR team will work with you from start to finish, ensuring you get results that exceed your expectations. When we first begin the complete detailing process, we will have a consultation to listen to your needs, concerns and even your budget. When it is time to begin the project, our team of specialists will keep you informed every step of the way.



The ACR pre-purchase inspection is a primarily visual inspection conducted by our team of experts before the vehicle is considered for purchase. Using our internal, proprietary rating system, the ACR team begins by inspecting a potential vehicle down in terms of body, trim, drive train, interior, and electrical components. Each category is broken down into sub-levels that rate specific components that are judges individually. These categories are totaled and an overall rating of the vehicle is established based on a 100-point scale, determining the value of the car as perceived by the ACR Team. While the pre-purchase inspection is primarily done visually, (generally in an auction setting where hands-on access to the car is limited) vehicles purchased privately are given an even more thorough inspection whenever possible.


The post-purchase inspection is done immediately after ACR officially acquires the vehicle, and before it is authorized to travel any distance. Every system and component on the vehicle is critically examined, and the ACR team determines a list of immediately recommended repairs and improvements.